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Until 31 December 2018

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Sorry - the Planetarium is currently closed for essential maintenance


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Seasonal Stargazing
All tickets £1

25 minute shows
Adult £2.50, Concession* £1.50, Family** £7.20

40 minute shows
Adult £2.99, Concession* £1.99, Family** £9

*OAP, NUS, Registered disabled

**Two adults and two children under 16 or one adult and three children under 16

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Occasionally, the Planetarium is booked for use by school groups. If you are planning a visit on a weekday during term time, please consider calling us in advance to check availability - (0191) 208 6765

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Current shows

Sorry - the Planetarium is currently closed for essential maintenance

Seasonal Stargazing

10.20am (Mon-Sat)

Become familiar with the starry night with easy to follow star hopping directions and descriptive constellation tours. Discover how to find things in the night sky and see some of the most beautiful objects in astronomy.
approx. 7-15 minutes

Earth, Moon & Sun

10.40am (Mon-Sat), 12.30pm (daily), 2pm (daily) and 4pm (Mon-Fri)

Join Coyote, a character with razor-sharp wit, as he learns more about the night sky. This fast-paced fun show examines how humans learn through space exploration and explores lunar phases, eclipses and other puzzles.
approx. 25 minutes

Sea Monsters - A Prehistoric Adventure

11.20am and 2.30pm (daily)
See extraordinary marine reptiles of the dinosaur age brought to life. Become immersed in this unexplored world and learn about the fascinating science behind history's grandest ocean creatures.
approx. 40 minutes

Fragile Planet

12 noon (daily)
Travel 120 million light years to rediscover home and Earth's special place in the Universe as the only known haven for life. The journey continues beyond the Milky Way to search for other special planets that might host extraterrestrial life.
approx. 25 minutes

Dawn of the Space Age

1pm (daily)
Re-live the excitement of the early days of space exploration, from the launch of the first artificial satellite to the magnificent lunar landings and privately operated space flights.
approx. 40 minutes

Infinity Express

3.20pm (daily)
How big is the Universe? Are we alone? These questions and more are tackled in this exciting journey through space and time.
approx. 25 minutes