Primary - Rocks, fossils & dinosaurs

How can a museum visit support learning about this topic?

The galleries that link to this topic are: 

Fossil Stories, where you can come face to face with a full-sized T. rex!  You can also touch a giant ammonite, use our touchscreens to excavate a fossil or take a challenge using the gallery spinner.  Discover the huge amphibians that lived around Newcastle 300 million years ago, find the giant trees or discover ancient fish from prehistoric seas. 

We have workshops (led by museum staff) and bookable resources (to support you during school-led time in the galleries) for this topic. We also have printable activities that you can use in school-led time.

How much will a visit cost?

Self-led visits and workshops are free.

The only activity in the museum that incurs a cost is visiting the planetarium. 

The price for a planetarium showing starts at £37, with some discounts available. Find more information on the planetarium, including detailed prices, show information and trailers here.

When can we visit, and how do we make a booking enquiry? 

If you would like a workshop as part of your day: Mondays and Wednesdays in term-time.

If you don’t want to book a workshop, and want to be self-led in the galleries: We can typically accommodate you on a term-time date of your choice.  Please still book with us so we can organise coat and bag storage, a lunch space, and greeting you on arrival.

To make a booking enquiry, click the link below.

Need more information?

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Looking for online learning opportunities too?

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