Fossils and Dinosaurs

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KS1 & KS2: Science

Fossils and Dinosaurs



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Available on Mondays and Thursdays. 

This workshop can be followed up by downloading our free resources to use in the galleries if you click this link or we can book the group the Dinosaur Explorer Bags for your group to use which you can find out more about here.

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Workshop Summary

Would your pupils love to see and touch some real fossils from millions of years ago? 

In this workshop, your pupils will use our fossil and dinosaur handling collection to explore the topic in more depth, and understand how a museum’s collection can give clues about life in the distant past 

Pupils will explore how fossils form, handle a range of fossils and deliberate about what they might have looked like when they were alive. Finally, they'll put their new-found palaeontologist skills to the test with a mystery fossil challenge! 

KS1 - Intended Learning Outcomes:  

  • Examine and describe different fossils.
  • Discuss and match fossils with a photo/illustration of what they might have looked like when alive, and/or make predictions about what they are. 

KS2 - Intended Learning Outcomes: 

  • As KS1, plus:  
  • Consider and discuss what fossils can and can’t tell us about things that once lived. 
  • Outline and describe different types of fossil (trace versus body fossils). 

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