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When can we see a Planetarium show?  

The planetarium is available every day. Planetarium showings are approximately 30 minutes each and your group can see one or multiple shows during your visit. The rest of your trip would be teacher-led in the galleries. You can find printable worksheets and other resources here. 

Can we do other activities linked to space during our trip? 

Please note, we don't have a gallery dedicated to space, so the rest of your day could link to other Science topics, or other subjects like History. 

On Mondays and Thursdays we offer free 45-minute Science workshops, including 'Our place in space'. This workshop is designed to bridge between space and our wide range of biology-based exhibits, explaining how the moon influences our tides, and the amazing range of life in intertidal habitats. (Please note these workshops are subject to availability).

Which shows do you recommend for schools? 

We are aliens - a recommended show for Early Years, Key Stages 1 and 2.

Earth. It’s now a small world. The human race is connected better and faster than ever before but what about elsewhere? We Are Aliens! takes you on an epic ride in the hunt for the evidence of alien life. 

This is a unique, engaging and playful introduction to space and is well-suited to our younger visitors. Watch a trailer here

Audio Universe: A tour of the solar system - a recommended show for Year 3 upwards. Designed to be inclusive for individuals with all levels of sight.

Experience the Solar System like never before by traveling on a spacecraft that can turn the objects in space into sound. You'll be transported inside a special spacecraft that takes you to the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) to view the stars in the night sky, before lifting off into space to visit the Earth, Moon, Sun and all the planets of the Solar System. Watch a trailer here.

The Amazing Telescope: Two Small Pieces of Glass - a recommended show for Year 5/6 and Key Stage 3. 

Join two teenagers at a local star party and learn how the telescope has helped us understand our place in space and how it continues to expand our knowledge of the Universe. 

This is great if you want to link the amazing night sky to the Science of space. The use of dialogue between teenagers often helps make it engaging. Watch a trailer here.

From Earth to the universe - a recommended show for Year 5 upwards.

The night sky, both beautiful and mysterious, has inspired awe and been the subject of campfire stories, and ancient myths for as long as there have been people. This stunning voyage through space and time conveys, through sparkling sights and sounds, the Universe as revealed to us by science. 

This is great if you want your pupils to get a tour of the solar system and exposure to an awe-struck voiceover with new vocabulary.  Watch a trailer here.

Cosmix - a recommended show for KS1-2

Have you ever wondered how the astronauts do their job? After watching the Cosmix show it will be absolutely clear to you! But hold tight, it will be a crazy ride. You will find out what a space flight looks like and how to prepare for it. You will jump from a spinning centrifuge straight into a cosmic rocket. And where it will take you? Why, to the International Space Station! 

This 15 minute, animated show is a great option if you want a taster of the planetarium. It is at a reduced price - £37 per show.  

How many people does the Planetarium seat?

To comply with fire regulations and keep visitors safe, the maximum number of people in the planetarium is 31. This includes supervising adults. 

To make sure everyone in your group has a seat, we recommend the following numbers per age group: 

Early Years, KS1 and lower KS2 (9 year olds and under) - 31 people per show (including adults)

Upper KS2 and KS3 (9-14 year olds) - 27 people per show (including adults) 

KS4, KS5 and adults (14+ year olds) - 24 people per show (including adults) 

How much does it cost? 

It is £67 per showing, except Cosmix which is £37 per showing. 

The following discounts may also apply to your group:

  • 20% off your total cost if book more than one showing for the same pupils on the same day (excludes Cosmix). 
  • And/or 40%off the total cost if all showings have fewer than 18 pupils in.  

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Other Planetarium shows

If you are keen to focus on a specific topic, these shows may interest you. If you are looking for a general introduction to space, we recommend one or more of our recommended shows, described above.

Solar Quest 

From granules and solar flares to coronal mass ejections, learn how the Sun and Earth are interconnected and why we are ‘Living with a Star’.

Approx. 10 minutes

Cell! Cell! Cell!

This is the story of the trillions of cells that form our bodies, from our beginnings as a single cell to the complexity of a whole body.

Approx. 25 minutes

Phantom of The Universe

From the journey of protons racing through the world’s largest particle collider in Europe to up-close views of the Big Bang and emergent cosmos, Phantom of the Universe will immerse you in the search for dark matter.

Approx. 30 minutes


Travel back to the beginning of time and experience the birth of the Sun. Discover how it came to support life, how it threatens life as we know it, and how its energy will one day fade away. 

Approx. 20 minutes

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