Where did all the Animals Go?

700 children's drawings portray some of the world’s most vulnerable species, many of which face extinction.

Collage of children's drawings of various wild animals



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During museum opening hours.


Living Planet gallery, ground floor and 1st floor balcony.


Donations welcome (free entry).


Where did all the Animals Go? by Jane Lee McCracken exhibits printed vinyls of original Biro drawings by 700 children from North East England and international schools, who participated in Jane’s workshops. 

Through the visual art of drawing, one of the oldest forms of communication, these drawings portray some of the world’s most vulnerable species, many of which face extinction. 

Evocative and uninhibited, each portrait depicts an individual being that plays a vital role in its ecosystem, while contemplating what their eyes have seen. 

This exhibition provides an opportunity to form connections with each species, through the creative response of a generation of young people. Also on display are large format prints of Jane’s original Biro drawings Butterfly Lover and Khan.

Founded in 2019, in partnership with international wildlife charity Born Free, and working with dynamic teams of educators and conservationists from England, Kenya, California, Guyana and Malaysia, Jane’s Where did all the Animals Go? project aims to encourage the growth of collective responsibility towards wildlife conservation and welfare while giving children, communities and wildlife both locally and globally, a voice.

Jane’s own practice explores loss generated by human destruction. She creates multi-layered Biro drawings, sculptures, installations and designs commercial products often featuring endangered species. 

Born Free works tirelessly to ensure that all wild animals, whether living in captivity or in the wild, are treated with compassion and respect and are able to live their lives according to their needs... opposing the exploitation of wild animals in captivity and campaigning to Keep Wildlife in the Wild.


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