Which Way North

A portal to another world has opened...



Until Sunday 9 September

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10am - 6pm daily until 9 September.


Throughout the entire museum


Free entry, donations welcome. No booking required, drop in

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At the Great North Museum, a portal to another world has opened.

Get your game on and prepare for an adventure. Discover the heart and soul of the revolutionary North and learn how its inventors, scientists and artists shaped the world we live in today - and how you can change the future.

Which Way North is a free, family-friendly exhibition featuring over 200 fascinating items on loan from the UK's leading museums, galleries and private collections. You'll see:

  • Astronaut Helen Sharman's space suit
  • A rare miniature book created by Charlotte Brontë
  • The last piano played by John Lennon
  • The sonic screwdriver used by the 11th Doctor Who
  • George Stubbs's world-famous painting Whistlejacket
  • Damien Hirst's shark sculpture Heaven
  • John Harrison's groundbreaking marine timekeeper 'H4'
  • David Hockney's painting Le Parc des Sources, Vichy
  • And much more...

Are you ready to go? Embark on a journey of Northern endeavour and discovery.

See the virtual exhibition A History of the North in 100 Objects


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