Mythquest AR Adventure

A free, fun, interactive AR adventure

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Mythquest is a free augmented reality (AR) mobile quest for families visiting the Great North Museum: Hancock in Newcastle. 

Download the Mythquest app before or during your visit and experience an interactive journey as you explore the museum and learn about myths from around the world.

The adventure is led by Mary Hancock, a founder of the Hancock Museum, who invites you to join her on a mission to free six rare mythical creatures trapped in prison spells.

Guided by the app, you will follow clues to the location of enchanted amulets hidden throughout the museum. Once found, you can use the amulets to release the creatures and unlock your mythical AR rewards. After your visit, these rewards will remain in your app so you can continue enjoying them at home. To take part, you will need to visit the museum.

Key features: 

  • Learn about myths from around the world on your visit to the Great North Museum: Hancock!
  • Get ready for your adventure! Start by creating a unique player profile using face filters and decorations. 
  • Find enchanted amulets hidden throughout the museum by following location clues provided through the app. 
  • Once you think you have found the right spot, hit the scan button to detect the exact location of the amulet. 
  • If you are in the correct location, the amulet will appear directly on your phone! 
  • Rub away the dirt to reveal your enchanted amulet and save it to your collection to unlock your mythical AR reward. 
  • To meet your reward, hit ‘Enable AR’, and your virtual reward will appear in front of you as if it’s in the real world. 
  • Celebrate your achievement by taking pictures alongside your mythical rewards in the museum and at home. 
  • Create dramatic scenes and share your unbelievable photos with family and friends.