Land of the Pharaohs

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KS2: Archaeology, History




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Duration: 45 minutes

Available on Tuesdays and Fridays.

To extend your groups learning beyond the workshop why not download our resource pack or ask a member of museum staff if you can book the gallery explorer kit. These resources can be view by clicking here.

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Workshop Summary

In this interactive session, students can discover what work and life was like in ancient Egypt through object handling and group work. Students are challenged to identify objects that would have been used by different people in ancient Egypt, from a priest to a farmer to a Pharaoh, learning about different elements of each job.

The main learning objectives for this workshop are:

To learn about different jobs in Egyptian society

  • To decide if Pharaoh was the most important job in ancient Egypt.

This workshop supports the National Curriculum in England History Programmes of Study for KS2: the achievements of the earliest civilizations.

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