Investigating our Mummies

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Upper KS2: Archaeology, History, Science



Until Friday 17 July

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Duration: 45 minutes

Available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

To extend your groups learning beyond the workshop why not download our resource pack or ask a member of museum staff if you can book the gallery explorer kit. These resources can be view by clicking here.

To make a telephone booking or enquiry call (0191) 208 6865.

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Workshop Summary

Recommended for year 4+ students.

The students will get to work like an Egyptologist and examine different evidence to discover some of the secrets of mummification. They will use original source material and will look at x-rays and CT scans from the two Egyptian mummies in the Great North Museum: Hancock.

This session aims to provide a 'real' insight into the journey our mummies have been on and includes close-up imagery of our unwrapped mummy which may be unsuitable for some children. Please speak to a member of staff before booking to discuss any concerns you have.

The main learning objectives for this workshop are:

  • To understand different methods of how Egyptologist's examine mummies
  • To learn about Irtyru and Bakt en Hor, the two mummies at the Great North Museum: Hancock

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