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Workshop Summary

Can your pupils rise to the challenge of identifying some of the museum’s collection of bones and other skeletal material? 

In this workshop, your pupils will get up close to all sorts of bones from the animal kingdom, deliberating about what animal they come from as well as whether they are real or ‘fake’ (a model). 

They'll consider the difference between endoskeletons and exoskeletons, the purposes of skeletons, and use scientific names for different bones. There is the opportunity to compare the same bone in different animals – for example, when else will your pupils get to compare a walrus skull to a shark’s, or a human femur to an elephant’s? 

Please note: all human skeletal material used in this workshop is a plastic model – no real human remains are included. No material from pigs or cows is included either. 

 Intended Learning Outcomes:  

  • Examine and compare different skeletal material to each other, and plastic models. 
  • Predict which animal, and part thereof, a bone is, justifying their answer with reason(s) and/or reference to diagrams of skeletons. 

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