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Bringing your holiday club to the museum? We have lots for you to do!

Children in the Museum


Saturday 20 July - Sunday 1 September

Bringing your holiday club to the museum

You can have a great day out at the museum with your holiday club and we have plenty of resources to help support you.  Please do book in advance if you are intending to come so that we can make sure you get as much support for your visit as possible.  Click on the enquiry button at the top of this page, answer the questions on our form and a member of our team will get back to you.  

Please make your booking enquiry through the enquiry link on at the top of this page.  The pages with more information about individual activities also have enquiry links, but these will mostly take you to the schools booking pages which will not ask the most relevant questions about your group.

You can find a hazard id form for doing your risk assessment here, along with other material to help you to prepare, such as gallery maps and group visit policies.

If you have children in your group who have additional access needs, please look at our access information here.  Let us know if you would like to book a sensory support bag for their visit.

Museum entry is free and so are all of the activities listed below, other than the Planetarium which has its prices listed.  We do welcome donations from visitors if you are able to make one!

What can you do?

Visit our galleries and exhibitions

Have a look at all our amazing objects!  We also have two temporary exhibitions this summer: Space Investigators and Rome Transformed.

Join in an Event

You can find out about our summer events programme here.  You are very welcome to join in with any of the public events, but if you would like to come along to Mouse Tales story sessions on a Tuesday, please do let us know when you book so that we are expecting what may be a larger number of children than usual.

Visit the Planetarium

We have a variety of shows available in our Planetarium and you can find out about them here.  We can fit a maximum of 31 at a time in the Planetarium, including accompanying adults.  Most shows cost £67 for a group but we have some shorter ones which cost £37 and discounts for smaller groups or if you would like children to see more than one show.

Store your belongings

We can usually offer you one of our tidy trucks to store coats and bags during your visit.  Please note that these are not locked, but you can use our lockers for valuables if you wish.  These cost £1 and are located at the front of the museum.

Eat lunch

We will have a public packed lunch space available during the school holidays and you are also very welcome to eat on the front lawn in good weather.  We will be able to offer a bookable private packed lunch space for you on some days.  Please ask if you would like this and we will do our best to accommodate you.  

The museum also has a cafe where you can eat or just buy a drink or an icecream.  If your full group will need to buy a meal on site, please discuss your needs with us during the booking process so that our catering team can prepare your food in advance.

Time Odyssey

Time Odyssey is an app-based way of exploring our history galleries and is most suitable for children aged 7 - 11 (it does require a certain reading level to access the game).  The adventure lasts around 1.5 - 2 hours and you can combine it with other activities for a full day visit.  You can find out more about it here.  We will loan you all the equipment which you need for the activity.  We will send you information for the adults in the group to prepare to lead the children and will give you an induction session when you arrive.

Meet an Object

Get close up with one of our museum objects!  A member of our team will meet you with an object you can hold and find out about.  You will have a session of around 15 - 20 minutes where you can handle the object and ask questions about it.

Printable Resources and Trails

You can download our printable resources from here.  There will also be different trails you can pick up in the museum on the day of your visit.

Please note that all of these activities are subject to availability on any particular day.