Gallery explorer kits

What is a gallery explorer kit?

It is a set of activities to extend your pupils' learning whilst they are exploring the galleries.

  • 4-5 different activities
  • Ideal for small groups, many schools split their group up and rotate around the activities
  • Linked to a particular topic or gallery, e.g. habitats, Ancient Egypt.
  • All kits come with instructions that you can download from the bottom of this page.
  • We recommend around 1 hour to use the whole kit, but you may find it takes more or less time depending on your group.

How do we book a kit for our school or group?

Please book your kit in advance as we only have one of each.

  • If you have not yet made a booking, please request the kit when you book your trip. 
  • If you have already made your booking but want to add a kit, please email
  • If you ask for a kit when you arrive, we will do our best to help you, but it may be unavailable if already booked by another school or group.

Where can we use the gallery explorer kits?

We recommend using them in the gallery, or galleries, that link to the topic. 

For example, habitats in the Living Planet and Natural Northumbria galleries, prehistory in the Ice Age to Iron Age gallery. Please avoid blocking fire exits or the main routes around the galleries, so the public can enjoy the museum too. If you aren't sure, please ask.

Not all our adults are experts on this topic, will the kits work for us?

Of course, prior knowledge is not required as instructions, teacher tips and answers are provided.

The kits have been designed to prompt engagement with the galleries themselves, where there is lots to learn for adults and children. We provide instructions for adult helpers, see below to download these. You are welcome to share them with your adults in advance, but preparation is not required to use to the kits.

How can we give feedback on the kits?

Feel free to let us know when you visit. You can also email us afterwards, via

Which topics do you have kits for?

See below for the kits we have topics for. You can download more information about each one.