The Missing Lynx Exhibition visits Newcastle

​​The exhibition is a family-friendly day out with audio-visual interactive displays.

The Missing Lynx Exhibition


Saturday 20 July - Sunday 4 August

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Over two weeks this summer, the Great North Museum: Hancock hosts The Missing Lynx exhibition—a family-friendly experience with audio-visual displays that bring to life the woodlands where lynx could live. What would the return of the lynx to the region look like? Visitors can discover our changing landscapes over the years and learn how restoring lost wildlife could help nature recover.

The exhibition charts the history and comeback of lynx across Europe and invites your opinions on bringing the species back to Britain. For those wanting to know more about the project to reintroduce lynx to this region, there will be workshops and focus groups. Find out more at: https://www.missinglynxproject...

Lynx are medium-sized cats with distinctive tufted ears and short tails. Imagine a slim labrador but with golden fur and often black markings. Their big paws allow them to pad silently through their forest home, and even though they are found all over mainland Europe, they are seldom seen and live alone.