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Project work using real objects and the real world is a great way to support both core learning and wellbeing and could be a great way to ease back into school once the current restrictions are relaxed. 

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Lots of you will be working particularly on support for core areas of learning both during lockdown and on your full return to school.  Real objects make a great focus for this.  We could offer, for example:  

Museum Story Circle 

Each day, we will virtually introduce a new object from the museum to your pupils.  Over the course of the week, they will write/produce/illustrate/script a story which incorporates each new object as it comes in.  We can give you a place on the museum website to share the stories you make along with the objects that inspired them. 

‘Wow’ Objects 

Borrow some of our handling objects to inspire talking and writing for literacy (this works really well linking in to science or history topics too). 

Nature around us 

We have a set of equipment you can borrow to explore the nature around your school. This has great links to wellbeing work, and also for curriculum areas such as habitats and lifecycles.  We can also support you with children doing nature projects while they are working from home.

The Art in Wilderness project was a cross-curricular exploration of the natural world, archives and art based around keeping field notebooks and doing real investigations.  This was a funded collaboration with the Natural History Society of Northumbria, but could form the basis of a bespoke project for your school.  

Citizen Science is a fantastic way for children to do real research.  We have been working with MammalWeb to investigate local wildlife, but there are lots of other citizen science options out there!

Take One Object

Even a single museum object can form the basis of a whole cross-curricular investigation.  Get in touch and we can talk to you about it!

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