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Dinosaur Explorer Bags



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Our custom-made Dinosaur Explorer Bags are designed to be used in the Fossil Stories gallery and can be booked out by groups for use during their visit. They provide a good accompaniment to a Fossils and Dinosaurs workshop and also work well for self-led groups. Learning happens through exploration, role play, drama, story telling and use of the objects and interactives around the gallery. The bags are aimed at children from KS1 or lower KS2 (although some groups of Reception pupils or those from upper KS2 may also enjoy using them).

Please note that the bags are for use in the museum only and are not available for loan. If you would like to borrow objects and resources for use in school, please contact the Boxes of Delight team.

Additional Information

Each bag contains a set of resources and also a laminated sheet for use by an accompanying adult to guide a group of up to around 6 children through the bag and its contents. No previous knowledge is necessary for either children or adult in order to use the bags.

Dinosaur Bag 

Use our toy dinosaurs to help decide which ancient creatures are actually dinosaurs, then think about the size of different dinosaurs with a measuring activity. 

Fossilisation Bag 

Explore some real fossils, then discover how the ammonite turned to stone with our story and interactive fossilisation demonstration. 

Explore Bag 

Use the dice to help you explore the Fossil Stories gallery.  When you have looked at the fossils on display, use the match the fossils book to match fossils and what they would have looked like when they were alive.  The book comes in two versions, for early readers and for confident readers or those with adult help. 

Habitats Bag 

Explore the way that dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures lived together in different habitats.  Examine the difference between sea creatures and swamp dwellers and use our lift the flap activity to explore the dinosaurs of Hell Creek and the ancient Northumbrian animals of Newsham Swamp. 

Palaeontologist’s Kit 

Have a look through the palaeontologist’s fieldwork bag.  Decide what all the different tools are for and whether you would add anything – or take it out. 

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