Urban Nature Project: Should we stop mowing our lawns?

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A workshop for UKS2 and KS3.

Exterior view of the Great North Museum and front lawn.



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Available on Mondays and Thursdays.

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Workshop Summary

Join this national project in collaboration with London's Natural History Museum.

Investigate nature in an urban environment, getting up close to wildlife and plants in the city. Consider how cities can be designed to be good for both nature and humans. Then, collect your own data and use it to justify your ideas on whether we should stop mowing the museum's front lawn.

Intended Learning Outcomes: 

  • Identify plant material from their leaves, flowers and growing pattern, using ID charts to support. 
  • Explore and make predictions about the range of species in shorter versus longer grass. 
  • Discuss different uses of green space by humans and nature, making and justifying suggestions about how to design green space to balance the needs of both. 

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