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a mummy casket


Friday 28 June

Event Information

1.15 - 2pm


In person at the Great North Museum: Hancock

This session is for young people 10 years and over.

Tickets will be released on April 9. 

If you have any further questions then please contact a member of the Learning team by email: learning@greatnorthmuseum.org.uk

Workshop Summary

The young people will get to work like an Egyptologist and examine different evidence to discover some of the secrets of mummification. They will use original source material and will look at x-rays and CT scans from the two Egyptian mummified people in the Great North Museum: Hancock. The group will also consider the ethics around displaying human remains in a museum. 

This session aims to provide a 'real' insight into the journey the mummified people have been on and includes close-up imagery of our unwrapped person which may be unsuitable for some children. Please speak to a member of staff before booking to discuss any concerns you have.

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