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KS1, KS2 Science




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45 minutes

Available on Mondays and Thursdays. 

This workshop can be followed up by downloading our free resources to use in the animals galleries if you click this link. You could also consider booking our Habitat Explorer Bags or our Food Chains Gallery Explorer Kit.

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Workshop Summary

In this workshop, pupils will explore classification by looking at the museum’s collection of taxidermy and animal materials. 

 Getting up close to taxidermy provides a great opportunity to appreciate the diversity of the animal world, and the unique traits of different animals. Pupils get the opportunity to classify these based on vertebrate group (we have examples of birds, fish, mammals and reptiles) as well as considering their habitat and diet. We consider the ‘clues’ animal’s bodies give about their habitat by considering colour and camouflage, and thickness of fur, using snake and mammal skins to support this.  

Intended learning outcomes: 

  • Examine and describe animals (using the taxidermy). 
  • Apply knowledge of 5 vertebrate groups, habitats and diets to taxidermy collection, matching animals with their group, habitat and diet. 

Please note: Handling collection taxidermy is safe to touch, but please check if anyone in your group has allergies to animal fur. 

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