Virtual Visionaries

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A screen capture taken from the Virtual Visionaries film

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About Virtual Visionaries

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A screen capture taken from the Virtual Visionaries film

Created alongside twenty students with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities, 'Virtual Visionaries' was a large-scale immersive video installation that was exhibited at Great North Museum: Hancock from 22 October - 6 November 2022. 

Beacon Films worked on a one-to-one basis with each student create 20 individual films revealing the young students’ unique personalities and interests. The films were then exhibited as a two-channel video installation, this included a projection onto a gallery wall and a projection onto its floor. Visitors were then encouraged to interact with this immersive art by moving across the floor projection and by physically touching the wall projection. 

Beacon Films hopes that this project will be the start of a bigger exploration of how young people with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities can be brought closer to culture: not just by enjoying art, but by creating it too. 

Beacon Films CIC is an award-winning production company of Disabled and non-Disabled, Autistic and neurodivergent filmmakers, based in Newcastle upon Tyne. 

The project partners included Dryden School, Sir Charles Parsons School, Beacon Hill School, Hedley’s College and Novak. The project was funded by Arts Council England and Sir James Knott Trust.

The project was shortlisted for the Digital Culture Network Digital Inclusion Award.