Meet Kate

Learning Officer

I co-ordinate the learning programmes in the museum, overseeing our learning work from near birth to adults. I previously worked specifically on the science activities and I am the programme developer as part of the Real World Science consortium, using natural history collections in museums to inspire young people and teachers about science. I have developed and am running a teacher CPD  in conjunction with the Natural History Museum and funded by the Foyle Foundation, working with science leads in primary schools to transform their schools' approaches to science and I am also running our Dippy Schools Programme, encouraging pupils to engage more closely with nature.  I’ve been at GNM for more than six years, but I’m still excited when I walk through the doors each morning and see the T rex skeleton!

My background is as an earth scientist. My first degree was in geography, specialising in geomorphology and Quaternary environments and I went on to do a PhD in geochronology (finding out how old different sediments are) then worked as a university researcher and lecturer. I have volunteered in school and worked with university outreach. It’s great to work in a university museum, bringing our collection objects and current research to schools and the public.

It’s hard to choose my favourite object in the museum. I love the Carboniferous fossils, but probably the object I like best is our incorrectly posed wombat – the first wombat skin to be brought back to Europe from Australia, it was stuffed by someone who had no idea what it should look like! You can find it in the Explore gallery and see what you think.

Contact me:

0191 208 7578