Bones Learning Programme

Bones: Skeleton Secrets of the Animal World



Until Sunday 14 May

Exhibition Information


During museum opening hours


1st floor Exhibition Hall


Free entry*, donations welcome.

*Make a donation to the Butterfly Fund to support the learning programme.

Learning Programme for Schools

Why can’t I fly like a bird, or leap as far as a frog? How does a snake move when it hasn’t got any feet?

The animal world is full of questions and bones can help us find the answers.

We're putting our enormous collection of animal skeletons on show for 2017’s must-see exhibition.

From itty-bitty bats to whopping whales, bones are the hidden keys to how animals move, survive and evolve over time.

Join us on a journey through land, air and ocean and marvel at real bones, teeth and fossils from over 100 creatures.

Spot a salamander. Discover the dodo. Reveal the skeleton secrets of the animal world!

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