Learning Opportunities During Covid-19

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Until Friday 18 December

Real Objects, Real Expertise

Virtual opportunities are great but teachers have been telling us that after a long time in lockdown their pupils are really keen to get on with something ‘real’. 

Many schools may not choose to visit the museum itself straight away, so we’ve been thinking about how to create encounters with our collections that are stimulating and safe. 

If you are studying any of the following topics this term, do get in touch and we will work with you to create a blended learning activity which works best for you and your pupils:

- The Ancient World (Prehistory, Greece, Rome, Egypt)

- Animals and Habitats

- Evolution

- Fossils and Dinosaurs

- Rocks

We have lots of options for EYFS and also around literacy, project work etc.  Get in touch to find out more!



Blended Learning Opportunities


We will not be offering on-site workshops this term, but have a variety of ways in which you and your class can engage and still get an experience of real objects.  If you have arranged to use one of the TWAM Boxes of Delight, we can arrange a livestreamed session with your class (subject to availability) using our expertise and the objects in the box.  Boxes which relate to the GNM collections include: 

  • Ancient Egyptians 
  • Ancient Greeks 
  • Ancient Romans 
  • Evolution 
  • Fossils 
  • Prehistory 

If you have booked a box, please get in touch with us on learning@greatnorthmuseum.org.uk and we can book in a session with you.   

We also have a small number of our own handling resources which could be loaned for use in this way. When borrowing our handling resources you will need to adhere to our 'Object handling policy and loans agreement'. Again, please get in touch to see what is available. 

Virtual Gallery and Exhibition Experiences 

The museum opens to the general public at 10am each day.  Before this time, between 9 and 10am, we can take you on a livestreamed gallery tour for your area of interest.  The Ice Age to Iron Age (Prehistory) gallery has a virtual tour available for you to use at any time, and virtual experiences of our two current exhibitions,  'Other Worlds: the art of Atomhawk' and 'Ancient Iraq: new discoveries' are also no available.

Meet the Expert 

We can arrange on-line sessions where your class can chat to our experts about your topic.  You could combine this with using one of the Boxes of Delight,  doing a virtual gallery experience with us or as a followup to a visit in person. 

Classroom Activities

We have developed a set of activities you can use from your classroom that relate to the museum collections.  You may also find some of our usual downloadable resources helpful to use from school.

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