Learning Opportunities During Covid-19

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Until Wednesday 31 March

Real Objects, Real Expertise

We are planning some on-line event days based on particular topics but with lots of cross-curricular learning for schools with children working both at home and in school.  We will be announcing topics and dates for these very soon, so watch our social media feeds and this space!

In the meantime, if you are studying any of the following topics this term, do get in touch and we will work with you to create a bespoke learning activity which works for you and your pupils in the current situation:

- Stone Age to Iron Age

- Ancient Greece 

- The Ancient Romans

- Ancient Egypt

- Animals and Habitats

- Evolution

- Fossils and Dinosaurs

- Rocks

We have lots of options for EYFS and also around literacy, project work etc.  Get in touch to find out more!



Blended Learning Opportunities


With most children now learning from home, we are rearranging our sessions to support schools and children wherever they are learning.  We will be running some on-line topic days with cross-curricular learning based around museum collection and curriculum themes.  These will be announced shortly, so please watch this space and our social media feeds.

If you would like to organise a blended session for key worker and vulnerable children in school, please contact us on learning@greatnorthmuseum.org.uk and we can arrange to loan you some of our handling objects and run a session with you via Zoom, Teams etc.  Unfortunately this is not likely to work as well without the objects - which is why we are currently developing a different approach which will better include children who are working from home.


For nursery groups who are still in venue, do get in touch with Amy, our early years lead, who can organise blended sessions with you: amy.baird@twmuseums.org.uk

Virtual Gallery and Exhibition Experiences 

The Ice Age to Iron Age (Prehistory) gallery has a virtual tour available for you to use at any time, and virtual experiences of our two recent exhibitions,  'Other Worlds: the art of Atomhawk' and 'Ancient Iraq: new discoveries' are also now available.  You can also tour our biology and world cultures stores using that link.

Meet the Expert 

We can arrange on-line sessions where your class can chat to our experts about your topic.  You could combine this with a virtual gallery experience with us.

Classroom Activities

We have developed a set of activities you can use from your classroom that relate to the museum collections.  You may also find some of our usual downloadable resources helpful to use from school.

More Schools Events

Visit the schools site to see more events