Blended and Virtual Sessions

Blended and virtual learning days - real objects, real expertise brought to your classroom

Borrowing Resources

As we are not doing workshops on site this term, we are able to make some of the resources which we would normally use in school sessions available for classes to borrow and use for blended sessions in their classrooms.  To make this work in a Covid-safe way, we are following the Space for Learning Covid Guidance and objects will be quarantined between groups for at least 72 hours.  We will discuss this further as part of your booking process, but we normally recommend collecting and returning objects on a Friday morning and having a blended workshop on Monday or Tuesday.  It is vital that you collect and return the objects as has been agreed during the booking object or it may impact on the ability of other schools to access our resources.

As we are loaning you our objects, you will need to sign a loan agreement and object handling policy as part of the process.  We will have one ready for you to sign when you collect the objects.